What if you could hire a professional wedding planner

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Learn how to plan your own wedding from veteran professionals who will guide you through every step of the process from engagement to "I Do!"


  • Know exactly what to do at each step in the wedding planning process.
  •  Learn how to prioritize your budget to get whats most important to you on your wedding day!
  • Download the brains and all the wedding industry secrets from your instructors who are professional wedding planners with 25 plus years of wedding planning experience. 

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Your Wedding Playbook is the answer to planning your dream wedding with ease



Setting Your Expectation & Priorities

Knowing Our Best Kept Secret for a Stress-Free Wedding 

Creating Your  Style & Feel

Setting Your Budget

Finding Your Perfect Venue

Knowing What to Wear

Knowing Everything Vendors

Knowing Everything Decor

Knowing How to Executing Your Wedding Day

Staying Calm & Excited

VS Overwhelmed & Anxious



MODULE ONE - Available Now!

your first 6 decisions

In this module you will learn the first 6 FOUNDATIONAL decisions that need to be made before anything else.

  • Create your Top 5 Priorities
  • Set a budget that works for you!
  • Get our best kept wedding planning secret!
  • Learn design principles to choose your style and feel

MODULE TWO - Available Now!

your budget

We teach you OUR way of setting a realistic budget for you and your partner. Don't believe the lie that you can't have an amazing wedding with less than $30,000! We aren't buying into industry standards and we will teach you why!

  • You get a wedding budget tool unlike any other budgeting tools out there!
  • Dive deep into pain points many couples experience because you don't know what you don't know
  • Step-by-step instructions to whole budgeting process

MODULE THREE - Available Now!

your venue

Get the inside scoop on how to pick your perfect venue!

  • We give you a full list of venues types, & some you may have never thought about!
  • You learn how to research a venue before touring
  • We teach you what questions to ask during a tour & what to expect during the booking process

MODULE FOUR - Available Now!

what's everyone wearing?

This section we teach you exclusively how to decide, research and source attire for everyone in the wedding.

  • Three in-depth videos will teach you how to pick your perfect wedding gown or bridal suit
  • We let you in on our years of knowledge about the wedding suit industry 
  • You will learn how to pick cohesive designs for your wedding party & family!

MODULE FIVE - Coming Soon!

vendors & decor basics

We understand that decor and vendors are the cornerstone to any wedding event. AND can be the most overwhelming piece. Don't worry because you get every detail one piece at a time from...

  • Where to source and find decor.
  • How to narrow down your perfect vendors and decor
  • Our best tips on how to negotiate with vendors and everything in between.

MODULE SIX - Coming soon!

core vendors & decor

Though every vendor is important some vendors are your backbone to your wedding. We detail out the most important vendors and decor based on years of planning and experience.

  • We tell you why they are important and when you may not be needed.
  • How to source, vet, and work with each type of vendor. 
  • Get our core principles on how to design your table decor. 
  • Woven throughout are Pro Tips to cover your bases and strategies to save money.

MODULE SEVEN - Coming Soon!

other vendors & decor

And now onto  ALLLL the other types of vendors you could possibly think of! We dive into...

  • How to pick a florist who has your style and is within your budget
  • Pros and cons for hiring each auxiliary vendors to help you decide which ones make the most sense for you
  • Like: floral decor, personal touches, bar services, accommodations, transportation, beauty and health, and last but not least cake and desserts  


executing your big day!

As your big day approaches, we will make sure it runs smoothly!

  • Get all our knowledge, tips and tricks on how to make a wedding day itinerary that flows and avoids any awkward transitions 
  • Create a dynamic room layout with purposeful and intuitive traffic flow. Plus understand why you need a seating chart!
  • We let you in on the new wedding weekend trends that really add to the overall experience 



\MODULE NINE - Coming soon!

That's It!

We give you our final tips on how to wrap up your wedding planning and how to reach us if you have questions.


wrapping up & mindfulness

Wedding planning can sometimes be stressful on your relationship, so this section gives you tools on how to mitigate some of that strain b

  • Teaching you conflict management skills.
  • Using the practice of mindfulness to stay calm and present.

  • Learning how to negotiate with those that are close to you

  • Get final tips on how to wrap up wedding planning and how to reach us for our services

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